Five Awesome Custom Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Custom gifts are perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift. With customization, you can add special messages, and images to your products. Custom gifts may take a little extra time to create then purchasing something from the store, but that extra element is what makes them more special. Plus, being able to design your own gift means that you can pick out the details like color, fonts, and various models. I’ve put together a list of sites where you can design unique custom gifts for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

Whatever Skateboards

Whatever skateboards is the perfect site where you can go to get a custom gift for your loved one that is into skating. There are a lot of skateboard and longbaord models to choose from. Along with choosing the shape of the board, you can also pick out the trucks and wheels. You can also customize the print on the bottom of the board as well as the grip tape. Their team is there to assist you with any skate questions you may have!

custom gifts

Make Canvas Prints

Make Canvas Prints is a very popular site for creating a heart warming Valentine’s Day gift. Here you can design anything on a canvas that is printed on high quality canvas paper and wrapped on a frame that comes with ready to hang hooks. This site also includes an optional design service where someone checks your design to make sure the words and images are aligned correctly. This site makes designing something nice easy and is great for photos and poems.

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Case-Monkey is your go to custom site for a practical Valentine’s Day gift. They carry most iPhone case models as well as Galaxy phone cases. There is also a selection of iPad cases to choose from. This site also allows you to design a custom gift using various backgrounds, fonts, and colors. These cases are printed with top quality and fits the phones perfectly.

custom gifts

Fly Discs

Fly Discs is a specialized site that prints on custom disc golf discs and Ultimate Frisbee discs. This unique custom gift is one of a kind. Any disc golf player would definitely appreciate a disc with a rad or funny design to add to their collection of disc golf discs. Ultimate frisbees are a nice gift for your special Ultimate frisbee player or for anyone really that enjoyed playing frisbee at the local park!

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Sweet Pea’s Bungalow

Sweet Pea’s Bungalow is a very cute plush toy custom gift site on Etsy. The toys are handmade, each one with their own special personality. No two toys are the same, and the owner of the shop also fulfills custom orders through the site. There are super cute animals such as yetis, sloths, and alpacas to choose from. There is also the option to send a love note to the recipient of the gift.

custom gifts

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