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PuckStyle.com Novelty Gifts

PuckStyle.com is a great site where you can design your own custom novelty puck gifts. These items are perfect for party favors, corporate gifts, and team gear. PuckStyle has hockey pucks, small puck bracelets and necklaces, along with key chains, and golf ball markers. What makes this novelty gift special is that each item can be customized using the online customizer tool. It is fun to use and makes creating a design easy. Puckstyle also allow you to customize the front and the back of the puck!

Hockey Pucks

These are regulation hockey pucks that you can add your own custom design to. Using your own pictures, graphics, text, colors, patterns, and more it is easy to customize!  Just press “Customize” and follow our easy steps to create your custom hockey puck!  Design and save as many as you want for free.  Buy the ones you love.  Personalization is always included at Puck Style!

 PuckStyle Bracelets

The Bracelet is made of a small puck (the size of a quarter) and laces. The laces are also authentic skate laces, and the material the puck is made out of is the same rubber that hockey pucks are made of. These bracelets are fun and perfect for anyone. They are small enough for everyday wear and are just the right size to add little extra style to your outfit. They are an awesome detail piece and are comfortable to wear.

PuckStyle and Friendship

Friendship bracelets are always in style! I created two PuckStyle bracelets. One for me and one for my bestie. On the front of both, I used my friend’s favorite emoji. On the back is our initials. I like the feature that allows you to design both sides, because it is like a secret spot for little messages. The Puckstyle bracelets came out great and are a nice addition to our everyday casual wear. The prices are good too!


Kim Storozhuk

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