Pictures on Wood Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts

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With warm hues and a wooden texture, pictures on wood make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Mother’s Day is a special time of year where we take a day to appreciate all the moms and what they have done for us! A special way to express your love to her is to give her a unique custom gift that you design yourself. PlakThat.com lets you upload personal photos onto a customizer tool to have them printed on a wooden plak.

pictures on wood

Product Review

Upon receiving my personal pictures on wood from Plakthat, I was happy with the shipping time and service. The prints came out nicely with a warm undertone. I have ordered other prints that were done on canvases, and in comparison, wood prints have a more natural tone. I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other. It just really depends on your preference and what the occasion calls for.

Mother’s Day Pictures On Wood

For the occasion of Mother’s Day, pictures on wood are a warm homely gift. They do not need a frame and can be set on a table or hung on the wall. With the type of decorations that my mother has in the house, the wooden prints go along nicely with the rooster cookie jar and rustic themed look. I love how you can see the wood texture through the print. This detail adds dimension to the print, giving it more character.


Thank you to all the moms, we love you!



Kim Storozhuk

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