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With FlyDiscs.com’s online customizer tool, you get to be the designer of your very own custom disc golf discs. With all the color options and backgrounds images to pick from, you can create any style disc you can think of. You can keep it simple with a solid background color and add a short personal message, or you can get creative and create a color fade with an optical illusion pattern in the front. The options are unlimited!

Optical Illusion With a Spin

An awesome type of design is the optical illusion design. This one looks cool when the disc is simply laying there, and it looks even more awesome when it is spinning super fast through the air! Not that you can really see it that easily when it is spinning in the air at high speeds, but still, it is an awesome design! FlyDiscs.com has a ready made collection of optical illusions on the site for you to pick from to help you get started on making your custom disc golf disc. Most of them are black and white, and you can customize the discs by adding color as a background color.

Custom lol Discs

I ordered a fun disc for my husband. At a quick glance, it looks like the disc reads “I Love My Wife.” But read a little closer, and you can see who the other love of his life is… disc golf! If you would like to see some other people’s ideas for inspiration, there is a gallery of funny discs section. In the funny discs collection, you can see an assortment of custom discs designs created by designers and fellow disc golfers. There is one of a guy riding Nyan cat, pizza discs, movie quote discs, and meme discs. With Nyan cat and pizzas still going strong in 2016, there are so many possibilities.

Take a Look

Here are some discs that your fellow disc golfers have designed and would love to share with you!


custom disc golf dsics
custom disc golf dsics
custom disc golf dsics


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