Get Your Mom Custom Canvas Prints for Mother’s Day

custom canvas prints

Mother’s Day Gifts

A custom canvas print is the perfect gift for moms this Mother’s Day. They are easy to create and can be personalized with photos and text. With all of the features on the website, you can design custom canvas prints with special messages for your mom. There is a multi-line text tool that allow you to add many lines of text onto the canvas. For a background, you can upload a special personal photo or choose a design from our collection.  I did a canvas with all text for my mom. I varied the sizes, fonts, and colors of the text to create a fun look. There are a lot of creative designs that can be created using the online customizer tool. I shared some ideas on how to design a custom canvas using photos along with text.

Designing Custom Canvas Prints

When selecting a photograph, you use it to fill the whole background. The text can be overplayed on to the photo for longer text. The key element is to have enough contrast between the photo and the text so that it is easy to read. Or you can fill half of the canvas with the photo and have the text next to the photo. To fill the background of the canvas, for these types of designs, you can choose a fill color or a design provided by MakeCanvasPrints.com.

Special Messages for Mom

Poems are always a special way to express your appreciation and love for your mom. If poetry isn’t your forte, you can always write a special note instead. Some photos don’t need any words. For these photographs, you can turn the photo into large custom canvas prints. You can either leave the photo as it is or add a small date on the bottom corner.  When I had previously ordered a canvas, it came with the hardware installed, making it easy to hang on the wall. Creating a custom canvas print is a creative way to show your mom that she is loved!

Happy Mother’s Day

Kim Storozhuk

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