Put Your Graduation Photos on Wood

The Perfect Graduation Gift

With graduation coming up in a few weeks, I was shopping around for some custom graduation gifts. My sister is graduating from college this 2016 year, and I want to make the perfect piece of wall art for her custom graduation gift. I wanted something unique that would be different than the standard framed photo. I wanted to find something where I would have the option to customize the design with a photo and possibly some text. PlakThat.com has everything I was looking for. With their online customizer, I could upload photos and add text  to the wooden plak to create a photos on wood look.

Photos on Wood

My sister is a big fan of birds. She often goes bird watching and has a few bird pets of her own. I decided that this would be a fun theme to use when adding the photos on wood. It was easy to upload the pictures directly from my computer onto the plak. I was able to position the photos on wood and re-size them as needed. Since the photos did not cover the whole plak, I added a background pattern on the back to fill in the blank spaces.

Special Messages

I wanted to add a special message along with the photos on wood. I chose a simple poem to overlay on top of the background. It was something short and sweet, because I didn’t want the design t be overwhelmed by too many words. Overall, the whole process was very easy and I was able to save my design in case I wanted to make any further changes before ordering the wood plak. I hope that my sister will love her custom graduation gift!

photos on wood

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2006!

Kim Storozhuk

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