Design Your Own Ultimate Frisbee Disc As Wedding Gifts

Custom Ultimate Frisbee discs make for a perfect and unique beach wedding gift. My cousin had an outdoor beach wedding in Cancun this year. She had asked me for help in designing custom Ultimate Frisbee discs that she could give away as wedding gifts. We thought that this would be a useful gift since much of the family enjoys being outdoors and getting a good dose of sun. So I had a batch of frisbees made and left them on the table, inside a basket, for people to take home.

Fly Discs Frisbee Review

I picked the website FlyDiscs.com to create the frisbees, since their online customizer was easy to use. Their site allowed the use of multiple colors and fonts, while other sites only allowed a certain number of colors as  an option. FlyDiscs.com also has really high quality frisbees that are the same discs used at official Ultimate Frisbee games. You can tell by the touch and the look that the frisbees have a good durability that will last. The cost was a little more than ordering off other sites, but it is well worth it for the color and material quality of the Ultimate Frisbee discs. I was also able to get a bulk discount on the discs that I ordered, which helped save some money!


ultimate frisbee discs

Ultimate Frisbee Discs Designs

The design was kept pretty simple. I choose a cartoon image of the bridge and groom to upload onto the designer tool. I overlayed the date of the wedding as a text on top of the image. It was pretty easy to create and I just saved my design from there. My cousin loved the design so we had them printed. They came out great and the customer service team was very helpful in answering all our questions and getting the discs to us on time.

Thank you Fly Discs!



Kim Storozhuk

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