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Prints on Wood For Mom

With Mother’s Day being three weeks away, I am starting to brainstorm gift ideas for my mom. Unfortunately, she isn’t a mom that would enjoy a day at a spa, getting her hair groomed, pampered with massaging, and nails painted. If she did, thinking of a gift idea for her would be a lot easier. She is into cooking, like most moms are, and also really into her garden. I am working with these two interests of hers to create prints on wood gifts. Prints on wood are a great way to incorporate her interests into a design that can also compliment her home. Using Plakthat.com was really simple and I was able to save my designs so that I can go back and tweak them before submitting my order.

For The Kitchen

I thought that a fun and cute gift idea would be a wooden print that displays kitchen rules. The rustic look of the wood with white font looks great and matches well with her kitchen. The white print on wood is a really nice subtle and classic look.  Dark brown is also a good color to complement the rustic wood look too. I browsed around on Pinterest to come up with a good list of kitchen rules. I thought that 5 was a good number, and this is what I came up with.

  1. If you cook, share it
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Say your prayers
  4. Say please and thank you
  5. Kiss the cook!

From Her Garden

Now that the baby birds have left the nest, my mom’s garden is her pride and joy. If she isn’t at work or traveling, she is wearing her giant straw hat and her hands are in the dirt. She updated the garden with a lot of blooming flowers around her pagoda and fountain. She is always sending me updates with flower images through text. I can easily use one of these as one of my prints on wood. I know that she will love these gifts to add to her warm home.

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