Capture your Wedding Memories on Wood Photos

Creating the Perfect Moment with Wood Photos

Wood photos invites every wedding to tell its story whether it be bride runaways or drunken relatives, there is always something special to take from the I do’s of the bride and groom. Knowing how to create the perfect custom gift is pertinent to creating that unique memory. Wood photos allows for that unique memory to come to life with its organic features and customization.

Wood Photos for Green Lovers

wedding wood photos

Aside for the well-known canvas prints, wood photo prints seek out an organic design that appeals to friends and family that love the nature aspect of art. The smooth grain on the plak looks identical to the shavings of a real oak tree and can be customized to look exactly like it was picked from your backyard. Most weddings that do happen outside tend to fit the mold of the organic lifestyle which photos on wood accentuates best. The array of sizes ranging from 5×7 to 18.5×27.5 allows for expanding or downsizing the image to fit in numerical house, apartment, or office spaces.

Wood Photo Ideas to Jump on

My best friend’s sister just got married in a beautiful scenic winery just outside the Sonoma Valley. She loves the authenticity of natural looking art and the feel of organic pieces. The woody framework sets the tone of a natural base which is easy to add onto. Pictures that replicate the scenery of a wedding either the trees, vines, flowers, even ocean that surround an outside wedding really work well on a wood print.

Try wood photos and upload your pictures, it’s an easy four steps to create your personal organic piece of art.


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